Discover our Gintonería "After Swim"


BOATDIL by Sealand

BOATDIL based on the Gran Tarajal sports port (Fuerteventura), is a premium catamaran, 18 m long and 7 m wide, with a double bridge, a total area of 250 m2, and with capacity for 70 crazy for the sea.

With a draft of one and a half meters, it allows a quiet and safe navigation.

The upper deck is a spectacular panoramic solarium with comfortable and original hammocks, reclining, padded, upholstered, comfortable cushions, and a space reserved for our DJ.

The lower deck is a cozy lounge space, with high-back sofa benches and padded and upholstered seats, cushions, puffs, comfortable side bars for the gastronomic moment, and warm Led lighting.

We create a “Feng Shui” style environment for a “beastly” happy sailing, with a “clubbing house” corner to enjoy good music, and drinks in our bar GINTONERÍA “After Swim”.